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Since 1913, Hillsides has been dedicated to improving the overall well-being and functioning of vulnerable children, youth and families living in Los Angeles County. As the organization approached its centennial celebration, Hillsides realized that it was essential to establish a new vision and brand that would lead them into their next 100 years of service to the community. Although various brand elements had been created and evolved throughout Hillsides’ 100 year history, it had never developed a formal brand strategy.



Creating Lasting Change

The organization turned to IE Design + Communications (IE) to help it rethink and reevaluate its brand and how it's positioned in the community. Beginning with an extensive discovery and research phase which resulted in a comprehensive creative brief, IE set out to create a brand that fostered a deeply felt connection between Hillsides and its clients, donors, volunteers and the general public.

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The Results

IE created a new identity and architecture for Hillsides' multiple units, a tagline, print materials and websites which embody the inspirational vision for creating lasting change in the lives of at-risk children and youth.

Born out of our research and iconography discovery, the new brand was created around the concept of a pinwheel. It symbolizes energy, movement, and wish fulfillment. In addition, some cultures believe the pinwheel to be an instrument that turns obstacles into opportunities.

The abstract pinwheel identity featuring vibrant colors evokes the optimistic feeling one has by being next to a hillside on a sunny and breezy day. It represents the bright future that awaits those that Hillsides serve and this spirit is reflected within each aspect of the new branded communication. It positions Hillsides as a multifaceted resource for the community, rather than being seen as just a physical and geographical location.

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