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Caltech Associates Logo, Stationery and Brochure Design



The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is a world-renowned science, engineering research and education institution. Its reputation is built upon the faculty and students that aren’t afraid to think boldly, knowing that they’ll be supported when working to solve the world’s most complex problems.

Much of the advanced research at Caltech is made possible by the Caltech Associates, a community of research supporters who have been committed to providing the necessary resources and freedom for pioneering research since 1926. The Caltech Associates provides unrestricted support for research that is considered too risky for traditional funding, but offering a potentially high reward.

When the Associates approached IE, the aging designs of their logo and marketing materials didn’t accurately reflect the organization’s direction and vision for its future.


The Caltech Associates’ membership is made up of intellectuals, business leaders, scientist, entrepreneurs, and philanthropist. Its members are passionate about making a scientific impact and enjoy active participation in causes larger than themselves. Its members are also at a point in their lives that enables them to devote energy and resources to causes that they care deeply about.

The core values and purpose of the organization would remain the same. But the new identity was needed to leverage the rich history of the Caltech Associates and the prestige of membership, while still inspiring an even broader audience to commit to improving the world through the work performed at Caltech.

The new logo, stationery and brochure design needed to reposition the Caltech Associates image away from that of an aging and exclusive club of intellectuals. The new materials needed to present the Caltech Associates as a powerful engine of innovation and discovery at Caltech.


The logo created by IE represents a more modern translation of the iconic arches used within the original Caltech Associates brand. The new logo’s interlocking and arching lines tie the organization’s identity to its legacy, while also conveying a spirit of inspiration and collaboration.  The brochure pulled the modern design elements of the new identity together with impactful photography and succinct copy to create a powerful piece advocating the unique appeal and rewards of Caltech Associates membership. In addition, the stationery system developed by IE enables the Caltech Associates to present a unified and coordinated identity throughout all of its communication.

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